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Limited Release Wedges and Gear

Unique Grinds, Finishes,
and BV Wings Gear inspired by Bob.



WedgeWorks is your window into Bob's workshop. Tour proven grinds, unique finishes and limited edition wedges can all be found in WedgeWorks.

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Innovation and Manufacturing

Vokey Gear

Show your support for the Vokey Nation through the Vokey Store. Offering an exclusive lineup of Vokey-inspired apparel, headwear, and accessories.

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SM8 Customization

Fit For The Tour. Customized For You.


Vokey wedges can be personalized with custom stamping, toe engravings, and paintfill. Pick from nine unique stamping styles, six custom toe engravings, and many other options.

Hand Grinding

SM9 Raw wedges can be hand ground by Bob Vokey’s team of tour grinders. Choose your performance and profile adjustments to dial in your wedge just like a tour player.

BV Grips

A variety of unique Vokey grips are available in rubber and cord models to fit your game.


Extensive selection of high-performance golf shafts are available including wedge specific shafts and a variety of shafts at no up-charge.

Customize Your SM9 Wedges
Bob Vokey Tour Experience

Work one-on-one with the legend behind
the Vokey line.

The Bob Vokey Tour Experience is a unique opportunity to work one-on-one
with golf's leading authority on wedges and wedge design.

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