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Vokey Design SM7 Raw

SM7 Raw

Vokey Design SM7 wedges are available in the Tour's preferred finish: Raw. SM7 Raw wedges feature Bob’s tour-proven sole grinds, giving golfers ultimate shot versatility.

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WedgeWorks K Grind

WedgeWorks K Grind

Available in 54° AND 56°. The WedgeWorks K Grind will be a wonderful addition to the player looking for balance in performance from square and open-face shots.

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Vokey Design M Grind

High Bounce M Grind

The 60.10 M has more bounce than the 60.08 M, most noticeable on full shots and highly relevant for golfers with a steeper angle of attack that tend to dig on full shots, but still want the versatility and shot making performance around the green that the M Grind shape delivers.

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Vokey Design V Grind

V Grind

The V Grind is for players seeking a dual bounce wedge with increased bounce on square face shots, and enhanced heel, toe, and trailing edge
relief for increased versatility on open faced shots.
Available In Brushed Chrome & Oil Can finishes.

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Customization & Personalization

More custom options including an industry leading selection of shafts, grips,
shaft bands, ferrules, stamping, and paint fills.

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