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Established in 2008, WedgeWorks opened the doors to Bob's custom workshop with a mission to bring the tour experience to all golfers.

Today, WedgeWorks offers so much more than custom hand-stamping. We offer unique grinds, tour-preferred finishes, and limited edition wedges.

The new HandGround program showcases Bob's true master craftsmanship and allows you to truly customize a wedge to your exact specs. Welcome to Vokey WedgeWorks

The M Grind Collection

The M Grind Collection

Currently only available on the SM8 56-62 sand and lob wedges, the M grind is now available in 50°, 52° and 54° lofts.

One of the original tour grinds and Voke's "most favorite," the M Grind is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and closed to manufacture shots around the green.

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SM8 Raw

Vokey Design SM8 Wedges

SM8 wedges are available in four finished: Tour Chrome, Jet Black, Brushed Steel, and Raw.

Vokey wedges can be personalized with custom stamping, toe engravings, and paintfill. Pick from nine unique stamping styles, six custom toe engravings, and many other options.

SM8 wedges can be customized with hand-grinding, hand-stamping, custom shaft bands, BV Wings grip, and custom toe engraving.

WedgeWorks T Grind

WedgeWorks T Grind

The T Grind is a Voke original, inspired by work with a former Titleist Brand Ambassador, fine tuned by the master craftsman and Aaron Dill (@VokeyWedgeRep). The characteristics reflect the great hands of the inspiration; this is a low-bounce wedge with a narrow crescent surface.

Unique from the L Grind, this wedge has a wider back flange, which creates unique playing characteristics and allows for a lower measured bounce, in addition to the narrow bounce surface.

This wedge is uniquely positioned as a great links wedge, ideal for a shallow angle of attack in firm conditions.  

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WW Low Bounce K

WedgeWorks Low Bounce K

The WedgeWorks Low Bounce K Grind is a tour validated, versatile wedge that is now available on Vokey.com.

The wide, cambered sole of the SM8 K Grind continues to be popular among amateur golfers because it produces maximum forgiveness greenside and in the bunker.

On tour, players are looking for a lower bounce version of the popular K Grind sole. As a result, Voke crafted a sole with 6° of effective bounce, but maintains the wide, cambered sole that makes the K so effective from the bunker.


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