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Who Is Aaron Dill

The man behind every Vokey wedge on Tour.

The craftsman behind the club craft


He’s earned the respect of his idol, and the players he supports week in and week out on Tour. He is widely recognized as one of the hardest workers in the business. And it all started with a call he never thought he would get.

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Long before he found his home on the Titleist Tour Van, Aaron was given the tools he would need to succeed in his eventual dream job by his father, Warren. Growing up in Redding, California, Aaron fondly remembers rounds of golf where the time the two Dill men spent together meant everything.

An affable man, Warren taught Aaron to be an excellent communicator. He told his son, “Find something you love, and own your space.” Anyone who has ever seen Aaron at his bench in the Tour Van would understand the prophecy of those words.

Aaron Dill


Although his passion for the culinary arts could have led Aaron to become a chef, he chose to pursue a life in golf and enrolled at the Professional Golfers Career College in Southern California after high school. He studied and worked in virtually every aspect of the game, but found his calling in the world of club building and fitting.

“I loved the way you could take a club and fit it to someone, watching their game transform by making such a small change.”


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Set up shop


In 2005, Aaron got a call from the man who would go on to become the President of Titleist Golf Clubs, Steve Pelisek. Steve had an amazing offer for Aaron: a role in Titleist’s new Fitting Works program. Aaron leapt at the opportunity and spent the next thirty months criss-crossing the country, fitting amateurs and Tour Pros at some of the best golf clubs in America.

“My running mate in those days was Glenn Mahler – now the most senior fitting professional at the Titleist Performance Institute. Glenn taught me all about clubs, fitting, and where to find the best Mexican food anywhere you can find eighteen holes.”

During downtime between Fitting Works events, Aaron spent his free hours soaking up everything he could from the grinders and builders at Titleist. His hunger caught the eye of his hero, Bob Vokey.

“I first met Aaron at the Professional National Championship,” Bob recalls. “I asked, ‘Who is this guy running all over the place?’ I always knew that I could teach someone about wedges, but I can’t teach hustle and work ethic.”

Seeing an opportunity, Aaron attached himself like a barnacle to Bob, taking boxes of heads to work on for Bob to grade and show Aaron where he could improve.

Eventually, Bob called to ask if Aaron wanted to join him on the PGA Tour – conveniently leaving out the fact that Aaron would have to beat out more than fifty other candidates to win the job. Then, after several long months, Bob called again.

“I thought the job was long gone, but when Bob called he simply asked, ‘We’re ready to go. Are you?’”

Wedgeworks Vokey Design

Aaron’s first week on Tour was The Barclay’s in 2007. He hasn’t stopped working since.

“Bob gave me some great advice that week that I carry with me every day. ‘Stay patient, don’t take things personally, and take notes and listen to everything your players say.’"

Aaron Dill

Unmatched craftsmanship.

Bob is a consummate note-taker, and Aaron quickly adopted the habit. He also learned to mirror Bob’s kindness, work ethic, and eagerness to help every player no matter who they are or what they are ranked.

Now the two are very much seen as experts cut from the same cloth. In a job he still calls one of the greatest adventures in his life, Aaron has found a home as one of the most trusted and knowledgeable reps on Tour.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be this fortunate.”

The players who Aaron supports on Tour would likely argue the same.

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