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Bob Vokey’s passion for building relationships with individual players is the essence of the Vokey brand. Voke takes the time to listen to a player’s wants and, more importantly, their needs when hitting wedge shots. He then takes this information back to the tour truck and starts grinding heads. The process can be lengthy, but when it is done right, it is worth the wait.

Performance Adjustments

As course conditions change, tour players make adjustments to their wedges to improve turf interaction by grinding material off the sole of the wedge. These grinds allow the player to change the wedge’s playing characteristics based on their unique swingtype and course conditions resulting in finely tuned performance.

Performanc Grinding

Profile Adjustments

Having the right head shape inspires confidence. Voke works with tour players to dial-in the head shape that fits each player’s eye. Profile adjustments allow the golfer to design a confidence-inspiring head shape by grinding material off the profile.

Handground Profile


Pre Worn Leading Edge a Pre Worn Leading Edge b


The leading edge is rolled into the sole, slightly reducing effective bounce. The relieving of the leading edge is helpful for firm turf conditions. This adjustment is great for shallow swings playing from firm conditions. Try this on your pitching and gap wedges for smoother turf interaction.

Smooth Grind Line a Smooth Grind Line b


Developed by Vokey Wedge Tour Rep, Aaron Dill, the base grind lines are smoothed out in order to produce a smoother feel through the turf. This is a great option on the L and M grinds.

Heel Relief a Heel Relief b


Heel relief allows the club to move through the turf without catching the heel in the grass or sand. Grinding the heel allows the player to play pitch shots with lower hands and a slightly opened face. Combine this grind with Trailing Edge Relief on your F or K grind for more versatility.

Trailing Edge a Trailing Edge b


The trailing edge on full sole wedges is removed resulting in a thinner sole and reduced effective bounce. A great addition to the F and K grinds to add a little more versatility to the sole. Combine trailing edge relief and heel relief to the F or K grinds for more versatility.


Square Edge a Square Edge b


The leading edge is straightened and made parallel to the first groove of the wedge. A straighter leading edge can help with alignment on pitch shots. This is a great option for the player that struggles with aligning the face of the wedge.

Thin Top Line a Thin Top Line b


The topline is beveled to give a thinner appearance as you look down on the club at address primarily on PW and GW lofts. This is great for the player that prefers a sleeker, narrower top line at address.

Tour Grind a Tour Grind b


The Tour Grind softens the profile of the head by eliminating any sharp edges or angles and the toe is slightly rounded. Bob has taken the guesswork out of the equation with this all-encompassing grind. This is a great addition to any wedge.

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