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Acushnet Company devotes millions of dollars and countless hours every year to its research and development activities. The result of this huge investment of time and money are golf products which we believe are the finest, most technologically advanced products available. The benefits of these efforts are incorporated in our products and many of these features are not apparent to the casual observer, but are absent from other products which are intended to be copies or “knock-offs” of genuine Acushnet Company products. Acushnet Company Intellectual Property is protected by a multitude of patents, trademarks and other rights granted to Acushnet Company under international, federal and state statutory and common law. Accordingly, Acushnet Company expects that others will respect its intellectual property rights. Acushnet Company vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights, whether infringement takes the form of “knock-off” products, unauthorized use of trademarks or copyrights or in any other manner.


The following is a list of some of the trademarks owned or licensed by Acushnet Company used on or with Titleist products:
980F Strong
Bulls Eye
BV and Design
Cameron Crown Design
Distance Doesn't Have to Be Hard
Eclipse Design
Fitting Works
Fulcrum Design
Futura Phantom
Golf's Symbol of Excellence
Hit it Long, Hit it Straight
HVC Soft Feel
My Girl
Newport Beach
Newport Two
No Ball Goes Farther
NXT Tour
Oil Can 8620
Pimp my Putter
Pinnacle and Design
Pinnacle Gold
Polka Dot Design
Power Core Pro Titanium
Pro Trajectory
Pro V1
Pro V1x
Red X
Red X3
Red X5
Reshape your Game
Santa Fe
Scotty Cameron
Scotty Cameron by Titleist
Serious Clubs for Serious Golfers
Spin Milled
Studio Design
Studio Stainless
Studio Style
The Art of Putting
T in oval design;
Titleist #1 Ball in Golf
Titleist Driver Design
Titleist Launch Monitor
Titleist Performance Institute
TPI design
Titleist Titanium
Tri Spec
Vokey Design


The following is a list of United States patents which may apply to Titleist products:

Golf Ball Construction/Manufacturing and Flight Monitoring Technology:

4,779,387; 4,798,386; 4,858,923; 4,865,326; 4,865,326B; 4,915,390; 4,948,143; 4,949,976; 4,955,613; 4,959,000; 4,960,281; 4,960,283; 4,988,280; 5,000,459; 5,006,297; 5,018,742; 5,020,803; 5,060,954; 5,080,367; 5,158,300; 5,160,536; 5,334,673; 5,415,410; 5,471,383; 5,484,870; 5,492,972; 5,501,463; 5,566,943; 5,575,719; 5,609,535; 5,616,640; 5,624,332; 5,631,324; 5,632,205; 5,669,831; 5,670,579; 5,683,312; 5,688,191; 5,688,192; 5,691,066; 5,759,676; 5,778,793; 5,783,293; 5,795,529; 5,798,071; 5,803,823; 5,810,678; 5,813,923; 5,823,889; 5,824,746; 5,834,546; 5,836,832; 5,837,775; 5,840,788; 5,842,937; 5,846,141; 5,856,388; 5,869,578; 5,873,796; 5,882,567; 5,885,172; 5,888,437; 5,897,884; 5,908,358; 5,919,100; 5,919,862; 5,922,252; 5,947,842; 5,947,843; 5,948,864; 5,957,786; 5,962,140; 5,965,669; 5,968,605; 5,981,654; 5,981,658; 5,997,417; 6,001,898; 6,001,930; 6,011,359; 6,013,330; 6,025,442; 6,042,768; 6,056,842; 6,063,319; 6,084,016; 6,086,487; 6,093,357; 6,096,255; 6,099,415; 6,100,340; 6,103,166; 6,103,787; 6,114,455; 6,120,390; 6,121,384; 6,124,389; 6,129,881; 6,132,324; 6,149,535; 6,150,462; 6,162,135; 6,162,136; 6,172,161; 6,174,245; 6,180,040; 6,180,722; 6,187,864; 6,192,323; 6,193,619; 6,197,884; 6,203,451; 6,207,095; 6,207,760; 6,207,784; 6,210,294; 6,218,453; 6,221,960; 6,232,400; 6,235,230; 6,238,304; 6,241,622; 6,245,862; 6,248,804; 6,255,361; 6,274,669; 6,284,840; 6,285,445; 6,286,364; 6,287,216; 6,290,610; 6,290,611; 6,290,797; 6,291,592; 6,293,877; 6,294,617; 6,299,552; 6,302,808; 6,303,065; 6,306,049; 6,314,880; 6,315,680; 6,315,915; 6,319,451; 6,332,850; 6,338,684; 6,339,119; 6,342,019; 6,353,058; 6,354,965; 6,355,715; 6,358,161; 6,371,870; 6,379,138; 6,380,349; 6,384,136; 6,385,559; 6,386,992; 6,390,405; 6,390,934; 6,391,955; 6,391,966; 6,392,002; 6,414,082; 6,417,278; 6,435,986; 6,448,340; 6,458,892; 6,458,895; 6,462,303; 6,465,578; 6,468,381; 6,469,105; 6,476,130; 6,476,176; 6,485,378; 6,486,250; 6,486,261; 6,488,591; 6,490,542; 6,490,968; 6,494,791; 6,494,795; 6,500,073; 6,500,495; 6,506,851; 6,508,724; 6,508,968; 6,514,157; 6,517,451; 6,518,358; 6,527,653; 6,528,578; 6,533,674; 6,533,682; 6,533,684; 6,534,596; 6,547,677; 6,555,627; 6,559,226; 6,562,909; 6,569,038; 6,571,600; 6,575,728; 6,575,846; 6,575,848; 6,582,326; 6,586,511; 6,592,465; 6,595,874; 6,596,837; 6,608,687; 6,609,982; 6,609,983; 6,610,812; 6,611,792; 6,613,842; 6,616,543; 6,616,549; 6,623,380; 6,629,898; 6,630,998; 6,632,147; 6,634,964; 6,635,133;6,635,716; 6,644,948; 6,645,088; 6,645,091; 6,645,414; 6,646,061; 6,648,776; 6,653,403; 6,658,371; 6,672,978; 6,673,859; 6,676,541; 6,676,866; 6,677,401; 6,679,789; 6,682,441; 6,682,442; 6,683,152; 6,685,579; 6,685,580; 6,688,991; 6,692,379; 6,692,380; 6,695,717; 6,695,720; 6,699,143; 6,701,844; 6,702,696; 6,705,959; 6,706,332; 6,709,349; 6,710,114; 6,712,716; 6,726,869; 6,729,976; 6,736,055; 6,737,498; 6,739,987; 6,743,123; 6,747,110; 6,749,525; 6,749,789; 6,755,912; 6,756,436; 6,757,353; 6,758,759; 6,760,685; 6,762,244; 6,762,247; 6,764,412; 6,767,940; 6,773,363; 6,773,364; 6,774,184; 6,774,187; 6,774,189; 6,776,729; 6,780,126; 6,780,933; 6,781,621; 6,783,468; 6,783,808; 6,786,838; 6,787,091; 6,790,147; 6,793,592; 6,794,429; 6,794,472; 6,796,912; 6,797,097; 6,800,690; 6,802,784; 6,802,785; 6,804,988; 6,806,347; 6,808,461; 6,809,152; 6,809,822; 6,811,497; 6,812,317; 6,815,472; 6,818,705; 6,818,724; 6,824,477; 6,825,305; 6,825,931; 6,827,657; 6,827,658; 6,832,963; 6,835,146; 6,835,779; 6,835,794; 6,838,028; 6,838,519; 6,839,138; 6,844,384; 6,849,006; 6,849,007; 6,849,675; 6,852,042; 6,852,043; 6,852,044; 6,852,784; 6,855,070; 6,855,793; 6,861,492; 6,863,627; 6,866,802; 6,867,279; 6,869,645; 6,872,423; 6,872,774; 6,875,131; 6,877,974; 6,881,794; 6,884,182; 6,884,183; 6,884,184; 6,890,271; 6,890,992; 6,893,360; 6,893,361; 6,893,362; 6,894,098; 6,899,642; 6,902,498; 6,903,178; 6,905,423; 6,905,426; 6,908,402; 6,913,547; 6,913,550; 6,913,726; 6,916,254; 6,916,255; 6,919,395; 6,923,039; 6,923,736; 6,923,886; 6,924,347; 6,926,620; 6,926,621; 6,928,140; 6,929,567; 6,932,720; 6,935,240; 6,936,205; 6,939,249; 6,939,497; 6,939,907; 6,943,213; 6,943,217; 6,945,880; 6,949,595; 6,949,617; 6,953,403; 6,953,404; 6,958,379; 6,960,629; 6,960,630; 6,962,539; 6,964,621; 6,967,229; 6,969,327; 6,981,926; 6,981,927; 6,982,056; 6,982,301; 6,986,717; 6,987,146; 6,988,962; 6,989,422; 6,989,431; 6,991,563; 6,992,135; 6,992,139; 6,992,142; 6,994,638; 6,995,191; 6,995,214; 6,998,083; 6,998,444; 6,998,445; 7,001,287; 7,001,954; 7,004,854; 7,004,855; 7,004,856; 7,004,857; 7,005,098; 7,005,479; 7,008,972; 7,009,002; 7,009,005; 7,014,573; 7,014,574; 7,014,575; 7,015,300; 7,018,306; 7,022,034; 7,025,696; 7,026,395; 7,029,405; 7,030,192; 7,033,286; 7,033,287; 7,033,532; 7,037,217; 7,037,965; 7,041,003; 7,041,006; 7,041,007; 7,041,009; 7,041,245; 7,041,721; 7,041,743; 7,041,769; 7,041,770; 7,044,864; 7,052,413; 7,053,142; 7,055,363; 7,056,233; 7,063,630; 7,063,747; 7,066,837; 7,066,839; 7,067,582; 7,071,253; 7,074,137; 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D342,109; D342,110; D349,141; D359,993; D364,904; D398,679; D430,241; D430,628; RE37,597
(updated 9/07/2007)

Golf Club Construction and Manufacturing Technology

5,316,305; 5,429,353; 5,542,666; 5,549,296; 5,573,467; 5,575,725; 5,591,092; 5,607,363; 5,634,399; 5,730,662; 5,800,281; 5,820,482; 5,944,619; 6,200,229; 6,231,458; 6,290,607; 6,306,048; 6,332,848; 6,334,818; 6,406,654; 6,441,098; 6,454,664; 6,458,043; 6,471,601; 6,482,104; 6,508,722; 6,524,194; 6,530,846; 6,533,679; 6,546,981; 6,565,448; 6,565,458; 6,575,843; 6,582,322; 6,592,469; 6,595,057; 6,595,869; 6,605,007; 6,623,376; 6,644,102; 6,645,085; 6,663,496; 6,663,497; 6,669,571; 6,669,576; 6,679,784; 6,679,786; 6,688,989; 6,743,114; 6,743,117; 6,805,642; 6,835,144; 6,821,214; 6,837,799; 6,849,002; 6,855,066; 6,857,969; 6,860,819; 6,872,153; 6,875,124; 6,921,344; 6,960,142; 6,962,538; 6,964,620; 6,976,924; 6,994,635; 7,004,849; 7,010,965; 7,022,030; 7,029,403; 7,052,410; 7,062,829; 7,144,331; 7,153,222; 7,166,042; 7,169,059; 7,186,187; 7186,188; 7,192,361; 7,192,362; 7,207,898; 7,214,142; 7,232,377; D7,238,119; 7,244,188; 7,247,104; D366,080; D371,817; D372,751; D378,688; D379,645; D379,837; D381,728; D385,609; D385,935; D387,830; D388,488; D389,207; D392,357; D393,031; D397,752; D398,355; D400,945; D402,726; D416,968; D428,088; D431,854; D432,611; D435,617; D437,374; D437,906; D442,245; D442,246; D446,566; D447,528; D465,252; D465,253; D465,537; D465,822; D469,140; D469,141; D469,489; D469,493; D473,606; D474,824; D474,825; D475,427; D477,041; D479,568; D481,775; D485,879; D486,543; D489,425 ; D490,490; D490,871; D493,857; D498,280; D499,778; D502,242; D508,102; D509,554; D511,802; D513, 423; D514,181; D515,159; D517,626; D518,129; D521,093; D523,502; D523,509; D526,037; D526,038; D526,039; D527,064; D528,178; D531,244; D531,689; D531,690; D532,067; D532,474; D532,858; D534,609; D534,979; D537,138; D537,139; D537,493; D537,895; D538,369; D538,370; D538,865; D540,901; D541,363; D542,870; D547,407; D547,408; D547,409; D548,297; (updated 3/18/2008)

Golf Gloves and Accessories

5,528,773; 5,708,979; 6,327,787; 6,505,350; 6,513,165; 6,543,058; 6,611,962; 6,625,815; 6,655,269; 6,662,942; 6,820,282; D314,643; D391,037; D397,837; D410,305; D417,061; D420,202; D420,491; D424,784; D426,922; D431,691; D433,785; D436,870; D458,716; D464,178; D471,674; D473,346; D474,863; D493,106; D495,097; D497,456; D525,394; D527,149; D528,250; D529,236; D529,665; D532,162; D545,002
(updated 9/07/2007)

There may be corresponding patents issued or applied for throughout the golfing world; other patents are pending in the above categories.

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b. Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed;
c. Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of the infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled as well as information reasonably sufficient to permit Register.com to locate the material;
d. Information reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number, and, if available, an electronic mail address;
e. A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or law;
f. A statement that the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
(For more details on the information required for valid notification, see 17 U.S.C. 512(c))

Upon receipt of a fully completed and signed notification form, we will disable access to the allegedly infringing materials and will promptly notify the individual who posted the materials that access has been disabled as is our obligation under the Copyright Act. If your notification is unsigned or is not on our form and does not contain the authorization language of our form, we will work with you to obtain a properly executed notification. If any of the other information is missing from your notification, however, we will not be able to respond to your request.

Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 512(g)(2), the individual who posted the materials may provide us with counter-notification that the materials were removed or disabled as the result of a mistake or misidentification of the materials. This counter-notification must (1) be signed, (2) include the individual's name, address and telephone number, (3) include a statement that the individual is making the counter-notification under penalty of perjury, and (4) state that the person consents to the jurisdiction of the federal district court where his or her address is located. If we receive such a counter-notification, and we determine that we would like to restore access to the materials, a copy will be sent to you notifying you that access to the materials will be restored within ten business days. Access will be restored between the tenth and fourteenth business day after we receive a counter-notification unless you inform us that you have filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the individual who made the posting from engaging in infringing activity on our network and servers. If we determine that we do not want to restore access to the materials, you will not receive any further notification.

You should be aware that, under the DCMA, claimants who make misrepresentations concerning copyright infringement may be liable for damages incurred as a result of the removal or blocking of the material, court costs, and attorneys fees.

United States Governing Law.

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