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Get Custom Fit Wedges

Custom fit wedges lead to more confidence and lower scores. SM10 wedges are now available for custom fitting. Get more precision out of your game with the right clubs in your set. Schedule your custom wedge fitting from a local Certified Titleist Fitter today. 

Why Get Custom Fit Wedges

Maximize Your Performance with the Right Wedges for You

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Precise Distance Gaps

Partial wedge shots are difficult to control even for the best players in the world. Most players benefit from carrying four wedges, which leads to tighter distance gaps and more full swings. Vokey recommends 4° - 6° of loft separation between your wedges, resulting in 10-15 yards.

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Shot Versatility

Each wedge in your bag must have a purpose. Adding one high-bounce and one mid-bounce will create more set versatility and improve your shotmaking for various lies and turf conditions. The guide below demonstrates how set versatility can help you with a variety of shots and conditions.

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Lower Scores

Custom fit wedges will maintain or improve a player’s 'go to' shots, while improving the weakest shots in their short game. Leading to lower scores.

The Wedge Fitting Process

How Does Custom Wedge Fitting Work?

Step 1

Step 1

Equipment Evaluation

Every custom wedge fitting begins with a player and equipment evaluation. Starting with the 9-iron and pitching wedge loft, lie, and shaft specs.

Step 2

Step 2

Gap Fitting

Tour pros call it hitting their number. The first shots during a wedge fitting will be for distance gapping and wedge set loft selection. Bob Vokey recommends 4° to 6° of loft separation between your wedges.

Step 3

Step 3

Bounce & Grind Fitting

Bounce and Grind fitting begins with full swings during the distance gap fitting, and continues with shots around the green. Evaluate turf interaction, divots, and ball flight to determine the right bounce, grind, and lie angles.

Step 4

Step 4

Greenside Performance

The final step is to hit all of the necessary short game shots, including pitches, chips, and bunker shots with multiple grinds. These shots will validate your preferred wedges from the full swing section of the fitting. Focus on shots that give you the most trouble.

Wedge Fitting App

Vokey Wedge Fitting App

Designed to enhance the wedge fitting experience for all golfers, the Vokey Wedge Fitting App provides golfers enhanced access to quality, precise wedge recommendations to improve their wedge play.

The Wedge Fitting App

How Does Wedge Fitting App Work?

Step 1

Step 1

Player Interview

Working with an expert Vokey wedge fitter, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your technique, course conditions and how you use different wedges for specific shots in a round of golf.

Step 2

Step 2

Fitting Session

Taking grind selection to another level, the App incorporates launch monitor technology to measure your technique on a series of shots - from full shots to greenside pitches. The App focuses on data relating to your angle of attack and shaft lean at impact.

Step 3

Step 3

Grind Recommendation

Working in concert with the questions previously discussed with a fitter, the App ultimately recommends specific wedge grinds suited to your technique and course conditions.

Get Custom Fit

Make this the year you make your wedge play a priority. Get fit for the Vokey Design SM10 Wedges to dial in your flighting, gapping, and grinds - while adding a little more versatility and green-grabbing spin to the bag.

More Places to get Custom FIT

Bob Vokey watches a golfer's swing

Get Fit Like a Pro


Visit the Titleist Performance Institute or Manchester Lane Test Facility for the full Tour Player Experience.

For the most avid Vokey Wedge fans, limited dates are available for one-on-one Wedge Fitting with Bob Vokey. (West Location Only)


Titleist Performance Institute

Phone icon (888) 262-7202

4033 Avenida De La Plata
Oceanside, CA 92056

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Manchester Lane Test Facility

Phone icon (888) 262-7202

Manchester Lane
Acushnet, MA 02743

Location icon Get Directions

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Team Titleist Fitting Events provide dedicated golfers with a truly unique Tour-quality fitting experience. Each Titleist Fitting Specialist has the latest SureFit® technology, as well as a full complement of loft, bounce and grind combinations to ensure that we can fit every golfer into the right SM10 Wedges to maximize their game.



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