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Spin Milled

Learn how a fresh wedge can help you maximize your spin.

The wear on your wedge grooves
affects your spin control.

The Vokey R&D team tested three levels of groove wear using a proprietary wedge robot at the Manchester Lane
test facility. The results? Wedges with fresh grooves lead to more precise shots.

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More Spin

A new wedge can spin up to 2,000 RPM more than a wedge played for 125+ rounds.

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Lower Launch

A new wedge will launch lower than a wedge with 125 rounds of play.

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Maximum Control

A new wedge has less than half the roll out of a wedge played 125 rounds.

Cause & effect

The impact of groove wear on
your short game.

 What are the effects of groove wear on performance?

We tested wedges played for 125 rounds, 75 rounds, and a new wedge with fresh grooves.

  • 125 Rounds: 35° launch angle | 6500 RPM Spin | 24' of roll out. 
  • 75 Rounds: 34° launch angle | 7400 RPM Spin | 18' of roll out.
  • Fresh Grooves: 33° launch angle | 8500 RPM Spin | 10' of roll out.


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 What causes wedge grooves to wear down?

Golfers encounter a variety of conditions with their wedges that lead to the groove edge wearing down over time. Every golfer should evaluate their wedges and grooves at ~75 rounds of play to get the best spin performance.

Frequent Play
Regular practice and play creates normal wear and tear to the wedge and results in a gradual wearing down of the groove.
Bunker Shots
Bunker shots expose the face to millions of small pebbles and rocks, essentially sand blasting the face of the wedge.
Abnormal Conditions
Sandy lies, debris on the golf ball, rocks, and bag chatter can all lead to gradual groove wear.
Range Golf Balls
Vokey Wedges are cast from soft 8620 carbon steel. Range balls and other hard covered balls will, over time, wear down the edge of the groove.

Accirdian Shot The friction created at impact generates heat and gradual groove wear.

 How do I inspect my wedges for groove wear and spin loss?

Wedges may look fine, but may not be delivering maximum spin. You should inspect your wedges for groove wear every 60-70 rounds. Start by inspecting the overall physical condition of the wedge and groove. A visit to your local Titleist Certified Fitter to evaluate launch, spin, and roll out will ensure you are playing with the best performing wedges.

New Spintest Old Spintest
New SpinTest Old SpinTest2

Spin Performance

All wedge grooves wear out over time.

At Titleist, we make every effort to deliver the best performance and quality. This includes inspecting every groove on every Vokey wedge head, and taking the extra step to apply a localized face heat treatment that doubles the groove durability. However, because all wedge grooves wear out eventually, our Titleist Certified Fitters are also here to provide professional wedge evaluations, helping you maximize spin and stay on top of your game.
Wedge Evalution
Wedge evaluation

Hit the mark, shot
after shot.

Meet with a Titleist Certified Fitter to see if a wedge replacement can help add spin to your short game.

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Tour Validated

Tour level spin takes a tour level approach.

“Fresh grooves, we have to have them. Our tour pins are tucked in tight spots, so you have to be able to hit it low and hit it high with the right amount of spin. If the grooves are not fresh, you’re going to get inconsistency.”

Jordan Spieth

“You want to keep the grooves fresh, that gives you confidence around the green that you’ll have max spin control.”

Jimmy Walker

“It’s vital during the year to have nice clean sharp grooves, it’s no coincidence that there are four majors and I switch my wedges out four times per year. I want ultimate performance for those four events.”

Adam Scott

“With greens being as firm and fast as they are, I do notice that slight bit of more spin. It’s important to look down and see that…man, these grooves look good, I’m going to be able to spin the golf ball.”

Justin Thomas

“To be able to make my simple motion and know it’s going to grab after a few bounces is huge.”

Webb Simpson

“A new wedge helps your golf ball perform at its best. That’s the reason the grooves are on the face, to control the golf ball. I get more control on a new wedge than I do with one that’s been used too much.”

Bill Haas
Custom Vokey Wedge Fitting

Get Fit to your individual swing.

Custom fit wedges lead to lower scores.
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