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Length: 5

SM10 WedgeWorks A+ Grind

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SM10 WedgeWorks A+ Grind


The A+ Grind is a brand new addition to the Vokey WedgeWorks lineup.

The A+ Grind comes from similar origins as the A Grind. Both are similar in the fact that they both came from smoothing out the grind lines on some classic Vokey grinds.

The name A+ comes from the idea that it is a similar grind to the A Grind but has more width and more bounce than the A grind. Hence the plus. The A+ will still have a smooth, fast feel through the turf but will suit players who need the club to dig less than an A Grind.

“On Tour over the years, we started seeing some loyal M Grind players who were finding that sole to be a little too bouncy for their liking,” said Tour Rep Aaron Dill. “A+ comes from taking their gamer M Grind and removing the grind line from the center of the sole.  Those players found the leading edge of the A+ sat a bit lower, and the wedge moved faster through the ground. That helped to unlock a bit more versatility for some based on how they deliver the club to the ball.”

The A+ Grind is played by tour players worldwide as well as recent tour winner Davis Riley.

The WedgeWorks A+ Grind features a mid-bounce sole and is available in 58° and 60° lofts in Right Hand with a Raw finish.