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Length: 5

SM10 WedgeWorks Low Bounce K

Item# WM165
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SM10 WedgeWorks Low Bounce K

Inspired by Voke's original K Grind, the Low Bounce SM10 K grind is among the most popular of all the available Vokey options, especially with amateur golfers who favor its wide, cambered sole, providing maximum forgiveness on greenside shots and out of the bunker.

Each week on Tour, Aaron Dill works with players to prepare for the firm, fast fairway conditions they encounter.

“The K grind lives in the bags of some of the worlds best. It has always been known as the ultimate bunker club, inspiring confidence in players short games. However, when you ask players on tour why they play the K grind, they will tell you not only do they love the performance in the bunkers, but they love the way the leading edge hugs the ground when pitching and chipping”.
Aaron Dill Vokey Tour Rep

The WedgeWorks Low Bounce K features 6° of bounce and is available in 58° and 60° lofts. Finish is Raw

For WedgeWorks personalization, please allow 4-6 weeks for new wedge orders.