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Wyndham Clark Claims First Major Championship

Monday June 19, 2023
3 min read

Titleist Brand Ambassador Wyndham Clark claimed his first career major championship Sunday at The Los Angeles Country Club, trusting his Pro V1x golf ball as well as his Titleist driver, irons, and four Vokey wedges to win the 123rd U.S. Open.

Said Clark on his four SM9’s (46.10F, 52.12F, 56.10S, WedgeWorks 60A): "I use the SM9s, these are incredible. Vokey's done a great job in creating a wedge that launches at the launch you want, which is kind of a lower launch, but with a ton of spin. And that's what all of us out here strive and try to get with our wedges is that lower launch that fights through the wind. But then when it lands, it is really receptive.”

“In the 46, I use the 10F and then the same thing pretty much with the 52, I use the F Grind, which is a little touch more bounce, so that I’m very shallow. And so when I try to hit a low trap draw or a high soft wedge, it reacts the same and doesn't dig. “The 56, I have the 10S which is 10 degrees of bounce and the S Grind, which has a touch less than my other wedges, 46 and 52. This is a very versatile club for me, has a ton of spin and I’m able to attack both front and backs pins with this.

The most important club for me, probably in my bag, is this A grind. I use the SM9 60 degree A grind, which is a low bounce 60, which I think is very versatile. And I'm able to – on tight lies, rough, wet lies, firm lies, whatever it is – I can hit the shot I want. And with the amount of spin I want, trajectory and everything. So these SM9s are I think the best wedges ever made.

Said Vokey Rep Aaron Dill on Clark’s lob wedge: “The 60A was a co-design project with Geoff Ogilvy. That's how it started. It was based off of Australian Sand Belt golf courses – firm and tight. It's essentially an L grind with a ribbon removed, a smooth, fast moving wedge. It's a really low bounce, close sitting wedge, built for firm and fast conditions.” “One of the things that he really values is trajectory management, meaning he wants to launch it low. He’ll play it three-quarter shots, he’ll play it half shots, but mainly it’s kind of his greenside short game club that he’ll use a lot and it’s just become a good friend for him because he feels like he can slide into the ball easily when things are cut tight on conditions like Quail.”

Watch Clark talk about his winning Vokey wedge setup here

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