Limited Release March 2016

The 2016 64T Limited Edition – available in 64° loft and 6° of effective bounce– is the result of Bob Vokey and Aaron Dill's work with tour players preparing for the first major championship of 2016.
The unique conditions players face at the first major include fast, elevated, greens and tight fairways requiring loft and trajectory to stop the golf ball close to the hole. The 64° provides the needed loft and trajectory, while providing enough bounce to play out of the bunker. The T grind has enhanced heel, toe and trailing edge relief providing excellent versatility around the greens. The 64T features Progressive Center of Gravity (CG) technology and the Spin Milled TX4 groove resulting in more spin around the greens. This wedge is offered in a Brushed PVD finish. ** Note ** Please allow up to 14 business days plus shipping for delivery.