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Find the best wedges for your swing type, style, and course conditions.

Playing wedges that have been fit for your swing and course conditions is the fastest way to lower your score. This tool will help you select the proper loft, bounce, and grind for your game. We recommend visiting your local Titleist fitter to confirm your results. SM8 wedges are available in three unique finishes available in both right hand and left hand.

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What is your handicap or average 18 hole score?

Handicap range: +5 to 36

Average score range: 67 to 107

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Below are your recommended SM7 Wedges

Voke recommends 4°-6° of loft separation between wedges in order to narrow yardage gaps, reducing the need to hit half wedge shots. This along with the information you have provided has combined to provide the below recommendations.



Note: SM7 wedges are available in right and left hand in Tour Chrome, Jet Black and Brushed Steel finishes and can be custom ordered through your local Titleist Retailer.

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We understand you may require different loft combinations based on the amount of clubs you are carrying in your bag. Below are some secondary recommendations based on the answers you have provided us.

Pitching Wedge
Gap Wedge
Sand Wedge
Lob Wedge









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What is the condition of the bunkers on your typical course?

Bunkers have a variety of sand and varying levels of firmness. Use the descriptions below to decide which type most represents the typical bunkers you play.


Soft bunkers will have very light fluffy sand, with more than 6 inches of sand in the base of the bunker. You will know you are in a soft bunker when you step into the bunker and sink down into the sand before taking your stance.


Neutral bunkers will have slightly heavier sand with about 4-6 inches of sand in the base of the bunker and 2-3 inches on the bunker face. You will know you are in a neutral bunker when you take your stance and the sand covers the soles of your shoes with ease.


Firm bunkers will have heavy sand with less than 3 inches of sand in the base of the bunker. You will know you are in a firm bunker when you take your stance and the sand barley covers the soles of your shoes.

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