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Length: 5

K Grind

Item# WM98

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K Grind

Inspired by player feedback and the overwhelming success of the SM7 K Grind, 'Voke' has crafted the new WedgeWorks K Grind, uniquely designed to be played at the traditional sand wedge loft. The WedgeWorks K Grind features increased bounce and enhanced camber, making the new K Grind our highest bounce wedge option at 16°. This wedge is ideal for the player that uses their 54° or 56° as their main go-to short game tool.

The WedgeWorks K Grind will be a wonderful addition to the player looking for balance in performance from square and open-face shots. The K Grind offers more consistent distance control through progressive center of gravity and maximum spin through Spin Milled groove technology.

"On Tour, we see more and more players discovering how well the sand wedge performs, leading to consistency of spin, trajectory, and better misses,"  Aaron Dill, Vokey Wedge Rep.

The K Grind is available in two finishes, Brushed Chrome and Oil Can.

The Oil Can is a raw finish that will rust over time.


B* = Bounce | SW* = Swing Weight
Model Loft Lie Bounce B* Sole Length Swing Weight SW* RH/LH Finish
WedgeWorks K Grind 54º 64º 16º K 35.25” D5 RH/LH Brushed Chrome
WedgeWorks K Grind 54º 64º 16º K 35.25” D5 RH Oil Can
WedgeWorks K Grind 56º 64º 16º K 35.25” D5 RH/LH Brushed Chrome
WedgeWorks K Grind 56º 64º 16º K 35.25” D5 RH Oil Can