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SM9 WedgeWorks 60A Grind

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SM9 WedgeWorks 60A Grind

The Vokey WedgeWorks 60 A Grind – a low-bounce lob wedge designed for golfers playing in firmer course conditions who have a shallow delivery – is now available through WedgeWorks. Featuring 60 degrees of loft and 4 degrees of bounce, the A Grind has a smoothed-out sole that provides a faster feel through the turf and helps players slide under the ball in tight conditions. 

Wyndham Clark won the U.S. Open gaming the Vokey A grind, using his lob wedge to make several clutch up-and-downs on Sunday at Los Angeles Country Club. Tom Kim has had his WedgeWorks 60A in the bag for each of his three PGA TOUR wins, and Max Homa switched out his usual 60.04L lob wedge for a 60A at this year’s Open Championship to adjust for the firmer conditions at Royal Liverpool. 

“The most important club for me, probably in my bag, is this A grind,” Clark said. “I use the SM9 60-degree A grind, which is a low bounce 60 that is very versatile. I’m able to – on tight lies, rough, wet lies, firm lies, whatever it is – hit the shot I want, and with the amount of spin I want, trajectory and everything.”  

The 60A was born out of feedback from former U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy, who had been playing Vokey’s popular L Grind. 

“I spoke with Geoff (Ogilvy), and we got on the topic of Australian golf courses and how they compared to courses in America and around the world,” said Vokey Tour Representative Aaron Dill. “I asked him some specific questions which resulted in an idea to design another lob wedge grind option that complemented the firm links-style conditions that players face – not just in Australia and Europe – but globally. Geoff has always been a low bounce player in his 60-degree, so I took his 60.04L wedge and removed the ribbon, resulting in a grind that moves through the turf quickly with very little resistance.” 

Like many low bounce wedges, this smooth, fast-feeling wedge requires precise delivery at impact, especially in soft conditions.