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Length: 6

SM9 WedgeWorks V Grind

Item# WM153
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SM9 WedgeWorks V Grind

The V Grind is designed for players seeking a wedge with a grind that provides increased bounce on square face shots, and enhanced relief on open faced shots.

The V Grind features high measured bounce forward on the sole on full shots, yet when the face of the V Grind is opened, the wedge produces increased versatility through heel, toe, and trailing edge sole relief allowing the leading edge to stay closer to the ground.

"This wedge is ideal for golfers that play in normal to soft conditions, as well as where the bunkers have more sand,” said Master Wedge Crafstman, Bob Vokey.

It is also ideal for players with neutral to steeper angles of attack who still like to open the face when hitting shots around the green.

For WedgeWorks personalization, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for new wedge orders.