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Length: 5

Vokey Design SM8 Brushed Steel Wedges

Item# WM135
  • Orientation
    Right hand
    Left hand
  • Loft
  • Orientation
  • Finish
Select a Loft
Select Loft
  • 46.10F
  • 48.10F
  • 50.08F
  • 50.12F
  • 52.08F
  • 52.12F
  • 54.10S
  • 54.12D
  • 54.14F
  • 56.08M
  • 56.10S
  • 56.12D
  • 56.14F
  • 58.08M
  • 58.10S
  • 58.12D
  • 58.14K
  • 60.04L
  • 60.08M
  • 60.10S
  • 60.12D
  • 60.14K
  • 62.08M
Select a Orientation
Select Orientation
  • LH
  • RH
Select a Finish
Select Finish
  • European Flag
  • USA Flag
Select Styles
Select loft, orientation, and finish

Vokey Design SM8 Brushed Steel Wedges

Support your team this fall and let your colors fly. For a limited time, we are excited to offer the U.S. or European flag laser etching on your Vokey SM8 Brushed Steel wedge.

Available through September 30, 2021, you are able to select the U.S. or European flag to be etched on the back of your SM8 Brushed Steel wedge.

Note: Golf is in full swing, and we are experiencing extremely high demand for Vokey wedges and components. Please allow 4-6 weeks for new orders. We wish all Vokey Nation good health, safety, and great wedge shots.

*If you are interested in other Vokey wedges, please visit the Vokey Shop for more wedge options.