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Length: 4

Vokey Design SM8 Wedges

Item# WM114
$184.00 - $199.00
  • Orientation
    Right hand
    Left hand
  • Loft
  • Orientation
  • Finish
Select a Loft
Select Loft
  • 46.10F
  • 48.10F
  • 50.08F
  • 50.12F
  • 52.08F
  • 52.12F
  • 54.10S
  • 54.12D
  • 54.14F
  • 56.08M
  • 56.10S
  • 56.12D
  • 56.14F
  • 58.08M
  • 58.10S
  • 58.12D
  • 58.14K
  • 60.04L
  • 60.08M
  • 60.10S
  • 60.12D
  • 60.14K
  • 62.08M
Select a Orientation
Select Orientation
  • LH
  • RH
Select a Finish
Select Finish
  • Brushed Steel
  • Jet Black
  • Raw + $15
  • Tour Chrome
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Vokey Design SM8 Wedges

Note: As the Governor of California has issued a "STAY AT HOME" order to all California residents, the WedgeWorks facility is temporarily shut down. We are proud that all wedges ordered on Vokey.com and through the WedgeWorks program are customized and assembled in California.

At this time, all wedge orders will be delayed indefinitely. We will do our very best to expedite each order upon return to the facility. Please be patient with our team as we all work through these challenging times. We wish all of Vokey Nation good health and safety.

Introduced in SM6, refined in SM7, and reimagined in SM8, the center of gravity has been pushed forward which produces higher MOI. For golfers, this means improved feel and a clubface that simply wants to square at impact.

SM8 wedges feature Bob’s tour-proven sole grinds, giving golfers ultimate shot versatility. Spin Milled grooves provide players with maximum spin, control, and consistency. A localized heat treatment is applied to the grooves dramatically increasing the durability without impacting feel. SM8 wedges continue to be 100% quality inspected to ensure maximum spin.