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Length: 4

WedgeWorks 60T Limited Edition - SOLD OUT

Item# WV453

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WedgeWorks 60T Limited Edition - SOLD OUT

The limited edition 60° T Grind comes directly from Bob's early days on tour and is as relevant on today's tours as it ever was. This low bounce wedge was incredibly popular at this year's Open Championship due to the firm fast conditions at Carnoustie and the low bounce characteristics of the T Grind. This included Brand Ambassadors Charley Hoffman and Cam Smith both choosing the T Grind for the Open.

The 60° T Grind is a great low-bounce option for players with a shallow attack angle playing in firm conditions. This dual-bounce sole features narrow, forward bounce to help with square-face shots and trailing edge relief to help create a gliding sensation. Similar to the L Grind, the T Grind is a low-bounce option; however, the T Grind's dual-bounce sole allows the wedge to sit closer to the ground, making it easier to get the leading edge under the ball and promoting lift.

The limited edition 60° T Grind features a brand new, ultra-premium Slate Blue finish. As durable as Tour Chrome, the Slate Blue finish features a mirror polish with hints of blue and gray.