Craft Inspired. Tour Validated.

Craft Inspired. Tour Approved.
Center of Gravity

Some innovations move the needle. Ours moves gravity.

Introducing progressive center of gravity (CG) for precise distance gaps and superior feel.

SM6 Center of Gravity (CG) is progressive through the wedge set. Aligning the Center of Gravity with the impact position of each loft produces precise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel.

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Lower CG produces increased ball speed and superior feel

Lowering the CG in the Spin Milled 6 pitching and gap wedges moves more mass behind the ball at impact. This produces faster ball speeds for more consistent distance gapping between irons and wedges.

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Mid CG position for consistent distance gapping and control

Spin Milled 6 sand wedges feature a mid level center of gravity, aligned precisely between the low loft and high loft wedges for consistent distance gapping and shot control.

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Higher CG for precise distance and trajectory control

With higher lofted wedges, the golf ball rolls up the face more at impact. Raising the center of gravity in the Spin Milled 6 lob wedges aligns the CG with the impact position producing more consistent distance and trajectory control.

TX4 Grooves
TX4 Grooves

The new face of
wedge innovation

Superior Spin. Optimum Control.

Improved Spin Milled technology delivers maximum spin, control, and consistency on all wedge shots.

TX4 grooves feature new parallel face texture creating a more consistent groove edge and tighter quality tolerances. The result is more spin.

Low loft wedges (46-54) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves. Higher loft wedges (56-62) have wider grooves. These distinct designs deliver optimized golf ball to groove edge contact for maximum spin.


100% of grooves are inspected - The Titleist commitment to quality is in every wedge.

Groove wear

Maintain maximum spin.
Keep your grooves fresh.

The Vokey R&D team tested three wedges for groove wear at the Manchester Lane test facility. What they found is
that worn grooves affect launch, golf ball spin, and roll out—and ultimately your score.

Enhance your short game
SM6 Grinds

Adapt to Every Shot. Your Game Depends on It.

SM6 grinds offer the ultimate in shot versatility.

5 Tour proven grinds provide every player the
ultimate in shot versatility.

F Grind

A traditional full sole with medium to high bounce, the F Grind is an all-purpose wedge, particularly suited for full shots.

M Grind

Heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides for maximum versatility around the greens.

S Grind

Trailing edge and heel grind provides stability on full shots while maintaining versatility around the greens.

K Grind

The wide sole provides for excellent bunker play, while camber enhances greenside shot versatility.

L Grind

Enhanced heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides maximum versatility best fit for firm playing conditions.

Wedge Selection
Wedge Selection

A versatile short game starts by selecting the right wedges.

Fit your wedges to your swing type, style, & course conditions.

Find the Right Wedges for Your Game
Tour Validated

On Tour. Up-to-date.

"I didn't know how Voke could improve on what he did with the SM5s but somehow he's done it again, he and his team. These are amazing. I can't wait to put them in my bag."

Jordan Spieth
46 08 F
52 08 F
56 10 S
60 04 L

"I'm playing Vokey because I know that they are designed and built with the capability to flight it down or hit it up high. That's why Vokey wedges are the best wedges in the game."

Justin Thomas
46 08 F
52 12 F
56 14 F
60 10 K

"The confidence I have from my relationship with Bob Vokey is so important to my short game and my golf game."

Adam Scott
48 08 F
54 10 S
60 06 K

"With the new SM6, the ball reacts off the face, it comes off lower and it's got more spin. I know that sounds funny, but you can actually feel the ball stay on the face a little longer, coming off lower, and that's always nice to see."

Jimmy Walker
48 08 F
54 08 M
60 04 L

"The S Grind has been a club that allows me to hit any shot. Wherever the pin is, one of the two wedges in my bag can execute that shot"

Bill Haas
54 10 S
60 10 S
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Custom fit wedges lead to lower scores.
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Fit for the Tour.
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